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To excel in the new digital era, MSI is continuously investing in the development and integration of new technologies and expertise to support our client’s ever-evolving workforce optimization requirements. Our multidisciplinary team of data science and technology specialists work closely with client stakeholders to identify areas where leveraging augmented technology and business intelligence continuously improves efficiency and cost for our clients

Our evolving business solutions are supported by a proprietary digital framework, NXT˚. Our technology roadmap for innovation is continuously evolving through the agile development of customized workflow and functionality, combined with the integration of our ecosystem of best-in-class service and data resource partners.


Our Approach:   

As a next-gen solutions company specializing in workforce optimization, we continuously seek out new ways to leverage technology innovations improve our business solutions value while enhancing the customer experience. Our focus is on creating or leveraging new capabilities that deliver quantifiable results for the clients we serve.

We apply three steps to our digital innovation strategy:

  • Start with the problem, not the technology

  • Develop strategies and workflow design that produces an efficient end result 

  • Build a collaboration ecosystem of best-in-class partners that have proven technologies and subject matter expertise

MSI’s technology platform is designed to be disruptive and to ensure the utmost flexibility, quality control, and security. We believe workflow management is an integral component of all applications we integrate and is the foundation for enabling efficiency, consistency, and quality control. MSI maintains a core competency in process mapping and workflow design and integration.

With the introduction of GDPR, our technology platform includes data encryption both at rest and in transit, strict role-based end-user security profiles, and improved business processes to minimize access to PII data elements where applicable.

The Benefits of Using Partnerships to Drive Innovation

We believe that digital partnerships are key to achieving competitive scale and functionality. To learn more about how MSI Global Talent Solutions leverages integrated technologies to meet the rapidly changing needs of our clients please contact us today.

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