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We are a next-generation global talent solutions company focused on the optimization of workforce performance and the effective deployment of mission-critical skills and talent resources while mitigating talent and entity-related risks and liabilities. 

We help companies make agile informed workforce transformation and management decisions thru the application of predictive and prescriptive analytics designed to drive efficiency and productivity while mitigating the inherent risks associated with human capital in today's complex global marketplace. 

MSI Global Talent Solutions purpose

Since our inception in 1981, we have been leaders in the creation and execution of market-driven solutions for global growth companies. Our long-term sustainability is the direct result of our continuous commitment to workforce performance for our valued customers.

MSI Global Talent Solutions past history

We serve global growth companies that understand the criticality of workforce optimization and are committed to making the organizational and financial investments required to transform their workforce management and talent deployment strategies to compete in evolving business environments.

MSI Global Talent Solutions clients

MSI is comprised of a diverse team of subject matter experts and industry practitioners in the specialized areas of global business strategy, talent mobility, tax, compliance, and workforce optimization. Our ecosystem of best-in-class solutions partners are the leaders in their respective areas of expertise.

s sMSI Global Talent Solution subject matter experts team

As leaders in talent optimization, we understand the criticality of people-centric workforce models that honor and respect individual rights, equality, and personal well-being while remaining flexible and adaptable to augmented technologies and workforce management methodologies.

MSI Global Talent Solutions ethics

As your partner, we work with key managers throughout your organization to collect and analyze key data necessary to plan and execute the changes necessary to achieve agile workforce optimization.

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