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The New Rules For Temporary Foreign Workers In Canada

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

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Employers that hire temporary foreign employees must now offer them information about their rights in Canada. This is one of 13 modifications to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (Temporary Foreign Employees) now in effect to safeguard these workers.

“Everyone has the right to work in an environment where they are treated with dignity, safety, and health” The Canadian government is increasingly establishing safeguards for temporary foreign workers by turning these measures into employment law, according to Carla Qualtrough, The minister of employment, workforce development, and disability inclusion.

“These people come to Canada to work for companies here, and their contributions are a significant force in the country's economic growth. There is an obligation on our part to guarantee their safety and dignity".

The new laws also prevent businesses from retaliating against employees~ such as those who file complaints, or from charging workers recruiting fees and making them liable for the activities of recruiters in this respect.

Employers are now required to be given appropriate access to health care services. Those who use the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program must additionally offer private health insurance when necessary.

According to the Federal government, these new Laws will increase openness and clarity surrounding the criteria and circumstances of the TFW program and International Mobility Program (IMP). Employers will be more aware of their obligations and program regulations. resulting in improved worker protection and enhanced program compliance.

Employers who are found to be in violation of TFW Program or IMP criteria are listed on a public-facing website.

Canada's Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship, Sean Fraser, believes the country can better safeguard temporary foreign employees because of the new legislation.

The new regulations also take effect after an advocate asked in August to revise the system that oversees migrant workers' employment in Canada.

As it exists now, the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program is systematic enslavement, Syed Hussan, Executive director of Migrant Workers Alliance for Change, stated

The Future of Work As business, HR, and workforce disruption continues to occur, more companies are hiring contingent workers as opposed to fun-time employees around the globe. Why? The answer is simple: the value/cost ratio. Contingent workers are highly skated Labor with specialized experience and expertise that companies invest in without having to pay for employee benefits and Social security that full-time employees receive. Contingent workers provide high value at a lower cost than direct employees Companies can use this cadre of talent for short-term projects or Longer-term work opportunities their knowledge and flexibility are shaping companies’ broader global talent strategies today that will help architect their future workforce goals ten years from now, the global employee landscape will look vastly different. Canada is just one country that's taking a lead in human rights and equality for all workers regardless of classer type of work performed


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