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How Strong Is HR As A Strategic Partner?

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Over the past several years, HR has increased its strategic role in planning and execution of company-wide people initiatives that have impacted company business results. When businesses utilize HR as a strategic partner, they are more likely to be highly effective at quickly changing course to capitalize on innovative business opportunities. They are also more effective building momentum to service clients, as well as increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.


HR is effective in its stability to support change and ensure a great candidate and employee experience. It is highly regarded for maintaining relationship building, conflict management, strong communication skills, organization awareness, emotional intelligence, inclusion and coaching capacity. A key positive is its ability in managing relationship management at all levels within the organization, as C-Suite relationships become more the norm.


There are always opportunities to broaden HR’s strategic skill set. HR continues the deep need to develop competence in data proficiency, digital proficiency, branding and marketing HR, and design thinking capability. A more unified approach between relational and technical skills is now mandatory for 2023 and beyond. Digital transformation is here, and here to stay. Being able to navigate and integrate technology into HR strategy is a must even for already effective HR departments, regardless of HR department size or even company size. Leveraging a company’s internal technology departments is the first step. Including external technical and data scientists to support strategic objectives will increase HR’s value within the organization.

The Future of Work

HR has significant responsibilities at any company. Its value proposition must be clearly articulated and communicated across various avenues, both internally and externally. HR’s value proposition must have meaningful high levels of trust, commitment, and be able to be effectively communicated. Sharing standardized and regular updates with senior leadership, implementing positive employee experiences, and marketing HR Services to employees are key components to creating a thriving HR environment and clearly articulated Value Proposition. HR has come a long way and 2023 will show greater opportunities for this critical area in any company’s business strategy.

Our Expertise

MSI’s HR Consulting and Advisory Team supports the design and development HR and Technology Strategies that align to senior leadership goals. Our focus is helping organizations optimize and develop long range strategies for success.

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