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How Can A Global Immigration Strategy Grow Your Business

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

There are four critical company strategies that must be integrated when moving talent on a global basis: business, HR/talent, global talent mobility, and immigration. Without working in tandem, relocating resources from one country to another, even for a brief period of time, will lead to unplanned risk and unwanted compliance challenges in the foreign location. It is important to note that the receiving business bears the real risk because it is that foreign jurisdiction’s legal and fiscal regulations the company is disregarding. The sending business must understand they cannot merely move resources to a different country without being legally compliant. Non-compliance consequences, reputational risk, stiff penalties, and even criminal charges may be imposed. What is Global Business Immigration Strategy Global business immigration Strategy supports the movement of resources from one country to another for the purpose of conducting business on behalf of a company. Some key aspects:

  • Business visas: the majority of countries have business visa categories for foreign nationals that will allow them to enter the country for specific business purposes. Each country may have different requirements and restrictions, particularly focused on the type of business activity being conducted, duration of stay, ands the ability to work for a local company.

  • Investment and entrepreneurship: countries may offer investment of entrepreneurship visas that allow foreign nationals to invest in or start a business in that country. It is important to understand to regulations as they may require a certain level of investment or the extent of creating a certain amount of jobs for local employees.

  • Talent Acquisition: recruiting top talent on a global basis which includes executives, managers, highly skilled talent, and researchers.

Global Business Immigration Policy Having a robust immigration policy that aligns with the business, talent, and global mobility strategies is essential for any company that is considering expanding its global growth. It is crucial to remain focused on workforce planning while making any immigration policy decision. Policies must take into account the varying country policies that can impact the ease with which companies can conduct business globally. When expanding internationally, countries with more welcoming immigration policies may be more attractive. However, companies must not only comply with legal regulations but also be prepared to navigate cultural differences, language barriers, business customers, and social norms.

The Future of Work Global Business Immigration Strategy must be aligned to various business and HR strategies to ensure workforce planning can be implemented with compliance. This requires upfront planning, alignment, and management to ensure the proper execution of the talent move. The talent must also be protected while moving into the foreign jurisdiction. Compliance with immigration laws to minimize disruption to business operations as well as the employee is critical for the company. Having a strong enforceable policy helps increase the company’s global business opportunities. Our Expertise MSI’s Global Immigration Strategy and Process Team helps companies gain a competitive advantage on moving talent on a compliant global basis, enable tactical execution, and achieve strategic advantage to ensure company goals are met. Our focus is helping organizations optimize and develop long range strategies for our clients’ success.


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