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Global Mobility And The Employee Experience

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

This Article Is Authored By MSI Global Talent Solutions

Experts say this decade is all about the Employee Experience. What can Global Mobility do to increase its value?

This past decade has shown us how career growth is not only about moving up but now moving across to build new skill sets and increase reskilling possibilities. Employees now have the ability to experience a broader career. Moving across can mean remaining with your current employer and moving within the organization or moving on to a new employer(s). This year found more employers including remote work (home, hybrid, state to state, anywhere, virtual) as part of their talent acquisition and retention solutions. What is a consistent theme behind these developments? Commitment to a robust employee experience. Employers know if they want to attract and retain top talent, they must allow employees to feel the employer's commitment to their wellbeing and career paths.

How can Global Mobility increase its value in this exciting new world of work?

Global Mobility as a Strategic Integrator

  • First, make certain it is a key integrator for Business, HR, Talent, and the Employee Experience. No longer an afterthought, it needs to be a decision maker equal to all stakeholders involved.

  • None of the above areas should formulate a strategy without Global Mobility being a part of the comprehensive solution.

  • It should provide global legal and fiscal assessments and implement the requirements to manage them.

  • As the saying goes: Global Mobility does not create barriers to doing global business, it manages them to build successful business outcomes for all stakeholders.

Global Mobility as an Advocate in the Employee Experience

Global Mobility is inherently a leader in the Employee Experience.

  • It is a champion and advocate of the talent for which it is responsible, regardless of how that talent is managed: short or prolonged periods of time, business travelers, commuters, state to state, remote, or virtually. This includes intrinsic Duty of Care requirements needed to sustain this cadre of talent.

  • This 360° level of support keeps talent engaged with their careers.

  • Global Mobility is the strategy, operations, and move management team required for talent to feel the employer’s level of support designed for their wellbeing.

Global Mobility as a Compliance Advisor and Manager

Any discussion on how, where, and why to move talent must include immigration, tax (corporate and individual), regulatory, and employment laws.

  • Assessments in each of these areas are crucial to reaching a sound business outcome prior to a move or remote work decision.

  • This is particularly important for remote and virtual work, which are new opportunities in Global Mobility and must be reviewed carefully to assess compliance impacts.

  • This compliance advisory role impacts the employee experience as it safeguards the employee and represents the significance of the commitment to compliance by the employer.

The Future of Work

As Global Mobility increases its value as a strategic integrator, advocate in employee experience, and compliance advisor and manager, it is important to build resilience into innovative programs focusing on remote and virtual work. Employees want to feel their employers’ commitment to their careers and well-being with the ability to move around building robust skill sets. Global Mobility plays a key role in enabling employees and employers to build the right career trajectories at the right time for the right reasons.


MSI is an expert in Talent Mobility Optimization and Risk Mitigation. Our team consists of tax, legal, and mobility experts who provide continuity strategies that align with Your Company’s Business, HR, and Talent Goals to increase value to your Employee’s Experience.

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